'Boris Johnson intervenes to knight Hamilton in early 2021'

23-11-2020 12:43 | Updated: 23-11-2020 14:00
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'Boris Johnson intervenes to knight Hamilton in early 2021'

Rumours have suggested that Lewis Hamilton will be knighted and titled a "Sir" in 2021, but now even Prime Minister Boris Johnson seems to be interfering to help the Brit achieve his new status.

Hamilton, with his seventh world title in Formula 1, has achieved something that few athletes have ever achieved and so the call for Hamilton to be knighted in England has grown. In England, however, there is a reluctance to knight athletes who are still active in the sport.

Research into Hamilton

There is also another point because the Honours Committee is also investigating the UK's taxes. Hamilton may live in Monaco, but it is being investigated whether he is avoiding too much tax there, although that does not seem to be the case with Hamilton, who is one of the 5 000 people who pay most tax in the United Kingdom.

To speed up the process, so too is Boris Johson, the Prime Minister of England, interfering. According to Sportsmail, the Prime Minister wants to overrule the Honours Committee to knight someone who is still active in sport. Hamilton would then be knighted on New Year's Day at the age of 35.

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