Chilton analyses: Hamilton 'could not have done better' in Turkey

21-11-2020 17:47 | Updated: 22-11-2020 00:20
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Chilton analyses: Hamilton 'could not have done better' in Turkey

Lewis Hamilton could not have shown a better display of his driving skills during the GP of Turkey, former F1-driver Max Chilton argues in GQ Magazine.

In his analysis of the last race, Chilton explains what he considers the magnificence of Hamilton's race win: “The end of the race was nail-biting for Mercedes. Lewis made the choice to stay on his tyres despite the team suggesting he should pit. The interesting thing is that the track was drying so, in theory, you should go from wets to intermediates, but there is always a crossover stage where putting them on does not necessarily make you go quicker.”

Especially the drying of the track at this time of the race was at the front of Hamilton's mind, says Chilton: “If it had rained in the last two laps, Lewis would have been in big trouble. He lost the championship in 2007 by coming in from a drying track to a wet pit lane and putting the car in the gravel, thus losing out. So he thought ‘not again’ and it turned out to be the right decision.”

Luck helps too

However, Chilton admits that Hamilton has been lucky again this season. As he did last weekend at the Istanbul circuit with the spins of his direct challengers for the title. “What a way for him to win his record-equalling seventh world championship," Chilton concludes.

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