"You can't really compare them"

17-10-2020 13:51 | Updated: 17-10-2020 16:46
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You can't really compare them

It is a question often asked. Who is the better of the two, Lewis Hamilton or Michael Schumacher? Old Dutch Formula 1 driver Christijan Albers thinks the two cannot be compared.

Lewis Hamilton matches the number of victories Michael Schumacher won in Formula 1 last weekend. It seems only a matter of time before the Brit can actually improve the record. It also seems that the seventh world title of his career can no longer escape Hamilton. If the 35-year-old Mercedes driver becomes champion this year, he will also match Schumacher's record when it comes to World Championship titles.


This makes it an easy comparison between Hamilton and Schumacher. However, Christijan Albers feels that the two record drivers differ too much from each other, he says in De Telegraaf's Formula 1 podcast.

"You can't compare them, they are completely different seasons. Schumacher has driven many more different cars. He has also made several Formula 1 teams world champions.

"He has also created a whole team around him," continues the former Spyker F1 driver. "Those times have really changed. You used to be able to take people with you to other teams and nowadays that's all contractually fixed. Those times are really over, I don't think you can really compare them with each other. Schumacher was a world champion of the old era, which was different anyway."

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