Pirelli boss sees clear differences between Schumacher and Hamilton

30-09-2020 16:43
by GPblog.com
Pirelli boss sees clear differences between Schumacher and Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton can match Michael Schumacher with the number of world titles won and the number of victories. Something that not so long ago was considered impossible. Pirelli boss Marco Tronchetti Provera does see clear differences between the two drivers.

In the Italian radio show La Politicanel Pallone, the 72-year-old discusses the achievements of the current world champion and compares them, as far as possible, with Schumacher's past achievements. Both drivers are great champions according to Provera, but the Italian sees clear differences.

"I can't say which driver is stronger. We are talking about two completely different personalities. For me, Schumacher is perfection, coupled with a great ability to concentrate. At Lewis I recognize creativity that sets him apart from Schumacher," says Provera.

Position of Ferrari

As a good Italian, Provera also addresses the situation of Ferrari. The Italian race stable has had a very disappointing season, but the Pirelli boss mainly emphasizes the need for Ferrari in Formula 1. "A Formula 1 without a strong Ferrari has no magical powers, but I am convinced that Ferrari will come back".

Provera knows who will take care of this: "Charles Leclerc is the right driver for Ferrari. They would do well to rely on him because Leclerc combines courage with a tight and neat way of driving".

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