Something is missing for Hamilton: "He would rather win from Verstappen or Leclerc

30-09-2020 14:30
Something is missing for Hamilton: He would rather win from Verstappen or Leclerc

Lewis Hamilton is fast on his way to his seventh world title, matching Michael Schumacher's record. The world champion does this in a car that is dominant, giving him relatively little competition. According to former teammate Jenson Button, that's what the Mercedes driver says.

Hamilton is on the eve of a new world title. His world championship lead over teammate Valtteri Bottas is reassuring. Actually Hamilton has hardly had any competition this year, partly because Max Verstappen's Red Bull does not do what was expected of it and Bottas is not constant enough throughout the year.

Breaking records

Hamilton almost matched Schumacher's number of Formula 1 victories, Hamilton needs one more victory and then there are 91 victories behind his name. As many as Schumacher. Button thinks Hamilton is happy with the record hunt but still something is missing.

“I know Lewis, he likes to win, he’s definitely a winner and he’s very skilled but I know he won’t be enjoying winning as much now as he would have done if he had competition from outside,”, Button opens to Inews.

“If he [Charles] Leclerc or [Sebastian] Vettel or Max Verstappen had equipment that could challenge Lewis, I think he would enjoy that a lot more. Or if he had Michael Schumacher and he could beat him – that would mean more to him. It’s a tough one because you take every win that you get but you want the competition to be there to challenge you for that win", Button said.

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