Szafnauer: "The deeper they dig, the better for us"

13-08-2020 14:22 | Updated: 13-08-2020 14:32
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Szafnauer: The deeper they dig, the better for us

Otmar Szafnauer does not agree with the decision of the FIA against Racing Point. The stewards of Formula 1 felt that the team was guilty of copying the brake ducts of Mercedes. However, Szafnauer does not accept the verdict from the FIA.

Szafnauer disagrees

"The stewards are wrong about their assessment", Szafnauer told "We've made 886 specific drawings of the brake ducts. And according to the rules, you have to design them yourself."

"But don't forget that in 2019 the brake ducts weren't on the list", Szafnauer continues. The Szafnauer team legally received the relevant components in 2019 and applied their knowledge for the 2020 season.

"We already used a substantial part of the rear brake ducts from Singapore last year. Not the whole part because that's not possible. But there are no rules that say you must have driven these parts last year", says Szafnauer.

Parts received

Szafnauer admits that the team has received parts from Mercedes, but the team has not used them. "We weren't sure if the parts we had designed would be ready in time for the winter tests. That's why we got these parts as a replacement for the tests, but we never needed them. Our own parts were ready."

The Racing Point team boss admits that he has no concerns about the further investigation. "The deeper they dig, the better for us," he ends.

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