Hamilton: "We've got to keep a close eye on them"

10-08-2020 08:46
by GPblog.com
Hamilton: We've got to keep a close eye on them

Lewis Hamilton is happy that Red Bull Racing seems to be in slightly better shape again. The Mercedes driver hopes that Max Verstappen can continue to challenge the Silver Arrows, because according to the British driver this is simply important for Formula 1. 

"I think it's great for Formula One, ed. I want to have races where we have a challenge like today, I've said that before", said Hamilton at the press conference after the British Grand Prix at Silverstone. "So I’m excited to watch this race."

RB16 not such a bad car after all

Where the Mercedes is dominant in qualifying, the difference on Sunday seems to be getting smaller and smaller with Red Bull. "It shows they don’t have as bad a package as perhaps people had said in the past but I think it’s good. It will be interesting to see the progression through the rest of the year and I definitely will not overlook them", said the six-time world champion.

Like Toto Wolff, Hamilton believes Red Bull still has a chance to win the world title. "I think we’ve got to keep a close eye on them and keep working to push forwards because I don’t think it’s going to be easy by any means," said the Briton, who doesn't want to sit back with a 30 point lead in the World Championship. "But I don’t think my team has that mentality anyway so we just keep our heads down."

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