Horner: "I think Mercedes underperformed today"

09-08-2020 20:40 | Updated: 09-08-2020 22:11
by GPblog.com
Horner: I think Mercedes underperformed today

Christian Horner wants to wait a few more Grands Prix before he makes statements about a possible first world title for Max Verstappen. The Red Bull Racing team boss is happy to have the first win of the year, but according to the 46-year-old Briton, his team also has a lot of things to understand.

Horner doesn't dare say if Red Bull is now back in the fight for the world championship and that they can start the attack on Mercedes. "It is difficult to say. I think Mercedes underperformed today compared to the last events", says Horner in an online press release from Red Bull.

Where Helmut Marko told German media that his faith in winning the World Championship was back, his British colleague was a bit more cautious. "At least we need a few more races yet before we have a clearer picture on that. We are delighted that we have this first victory of 2020 on Silverstone."

Horner is happy that the performance of the RB16 seems to be improving. "It's been a bit of a fight so far, but today we saw the performance of where the car is capable of. For us it’s very important to understand why it performed so well today, In some corners we were weak on Saturday, but today there was no issue at all", he continues.

Horner sees a big difference between Saturday and Sunday

Next weekend the Grand Prix of Spain is on the program. Red Bull wants to do better on Saturday. "We definitely underperformed on Saturday. We were fighting with  Racing Point and Renault and we are lapping them in the race today. There is a big delta. We got a lot to understand. It’s really encouraging to have this performance," Horner concluded.

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