Drivers may not finish the race in the pit lane

09-08-2020 13:55
F1 News
Drivers may not finish the race in the pit lane

The FIA has announced that the drivers are not allowed to finish the race in the pit lane. The intention is that each driver has to finish over the finish line on the circuit itself.

Flat tire of Hamilton

The subject surfaced after Lewis Hamilton crossed the finish line with three wheels last week after suffering a blowout during the final round of the British Grand Prix. The Brit could have taken an advantage by going straight into the pit lane, but Hamilton chose to finish the race on the track anyway.

"In the interests of sporting fairness and to facilitate the orderly conduct of the event in accordance with the provisions of the FIA International Sporting Code, any car which does not cross the control line on the track to finish the race will be referred to the stewards", Michael Masi reported to

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