Formula 1 despite uncertainty already working on 'standard' 2021 calendar

05-08-2020 15:06
Formula 1 despite uncertainty already working on 'standard' 2021 calendar

In August 2020, the FIA is normally already working hard on a final version of the 2021 calendar, but that is not yet the case. It is going to be quite a job to get everything done, although in the background everyone involved is working hard.

At the moment the international motorsport federation is still busy with Liberty Media and the FOM to get this year's agenda for Formula 1 ready, but with a skewed eye they are also looking forward to next season.

Because of the coronavirus it is extremely difficult to fix all kinds of things for 2021. Jean Todt argues to that given the circumstances only a 'standard' calendar should be expected.

Todt gives an explanation

"The promoter works on the calendar, which is then submitted to the FIA. So far the promoter is working on a, I would say, standard calendar - but we do not know whether a standard calendar could work," says Todt.

The French president of the FIA points out that the situation regarding the pandemic is very different in every country. What's more, it's impossible to predict how the virus will develop in the coming months. "It may be that we have an event on the calendar, but the country in question believes that no sporting events can be hosted or that a quarantine is necessary when arriving in or returning to a country."

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