Ferrari leaves updates at home: "The SF1000 stays exactly the same"

05-08-2020 14:33
Ferrari leaves updates at home: The SF1000 stays exactly the same

Enrico Cardile states that Ferrari does not bring updates to the upcoming Grand Prix at Silverstone. The head of development of the Italian team argues that there is even more potential in the 2020 car that has not yet been unlocked.

"We know we don't have a chance to win right now," Cardile is quoted by However, according to the top man, that doesn't take away the fact that they want to get the most out of the second weekend at Silverstone. "But that doesn't change our ambition. We want to get the best out of the situation, every day, and score as many points as possible".

Unchanged SF1000

Last week Charles Leclerc managed, against all odds, to get a podium place. With exactly the same car he will have to try again. There are no updates planned for next weekend. "The SF1000 remains exactly the same. We will try to exploit the potential of our vehicle even better."

Where Leclerc came in third, Sebastian Vettel came in tenth. The four-time world champion also had several problems on Friday and that's something Ferrari doesn't want to see again. "We want to give both drivers a chance to get a good result. And that also means we don't have to waste time on small problems," Cardile concluded.

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