Berger sees a supreme Mercedes: "Have made a lot of progress"

14-07-2020 18:07
Berger sees a supreme Mercedes: Have made a lot of progress

Gerhard Berger looks back on the Steiermark Grand Prix at ServusTV, Red Bull's channel. The Austrian enjoyed Max Verstappen but also sees a very powerful Mercedes engine.

Berger enjoyed the Grand Prix in his own country, mainly because of the fight between Verstappen and Bottas in the final stages of the race. The winner was already known at that time, Lewis Hamilton was leading with a comfortable lead.

Dishonest Fight Verstappen and Bottas

Berger sticks out from shore about the final laps of the race: "It was a nice fight they (Verstappen and Bottas) gave us but it wasn't a fair equal battle because the Mercedes engine is extremely strong". The former Formula 1 driver continues: "During the winter, the German team worked hard and made great progress. Honda also worked hard but didn't make the same steps as Mercedes. They do that every year."

Red Bull starts again this year with a gap with the German competitor to the displeasure of everything and everyone in favor of Red Bull. The dominance of Mercedes doesn't seem to go away this year, Berger also sees: "They were clearly too fast for Red Bull.

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