Ferrari postpones Hungary update anyway, but has a new front wing

09-07-2020 14:36 | Updated: 09-07-2020 14:50
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Ferrari postpones Hungary update anyway, but has a new front wing

Ferrari has to get their act together, that's thing is for sure. The big update for Hungary already had to be on the car in Austria, but reportedly Ferrari only brings a new front wing during the Steiermark Grand Prix.

Everyone has already seen it coming during the winter tests, so it wasn't a surprise that Ferrari was underperforming during the Austrian Grand Prix. The team itself was surprised and so they went to work with all their might to speed up the updates from Hungary. Part of it succeeded.

New wing for Ferrari reports that Ferrari has arrived in Austria with a new front wing. Outside the pit lane, the notch and the shape of the endplates on the side of the front wing are particularly noticeable. Exactly what this will result in is not clear at this moment and Ferrari is hoping for more.

Ferrari want to take a big step, because during the Austrian Grand Prix the team fell back into the group of Formula 1.5 with Racing Point and McLaren. Not the position where they should be. Red Bull Racing and Mercedes seem far ahead the question is whether that gap will be reduced during the 2020 season.

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