Good news for Verstappen: "We've found the problem''

08-07-2020 07:36
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Good news for Verstappen: We've found the problem''

Red Bull Racing experienced a horror weekend at the Austrian Grand Prix with two failures and therefore zero points. However, there is good news as Christian Horner reports that the problem has been found.

Two Red Bull's coming to a standstill. It's an image that we didn't see in 2019 and certainly didn't expect in 2020. Red Bull Racing just blew so high off the tower. This year was supposed to be Max Verstappen's championship year, but it's starting now with a backlog. However, that problem should now be solved.

Solved Honda's problem

''We've checked the parts one by one and now it looks like there's been a problem with the engine's flywheel. We are now checking all parts to make sure we know how this problem arose and how this can be prevented in the future'', says Horner in the broadcast Sport & Talk on ServusTV.

''With Honda we're working hard to find a solution to the problem before this weekend, so it won't happen again in the second race. We now know where the problem lies and we'll find a solution'', concludes Horner, who will be racing with his team again on their own Red Bull Ring.

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