Radio Verstappen: "F*ck, I almost followed him into the pits!"

04-07-2020 16:50
Radio Verstappen: F*ck, I almost followed him into the pits!

Formula 1 drivers are in constant contact with their engineers at the pit wall. During their ultimate lap it will usually be quiet, but in a breakaway lap a driver is bombarded with information. This is also necessary, according to the onboard radio of Max Verstappen.

The Dutchman immediately asks where he ended his round. P3 listens to the answer, passing on all backlogs and the lead to the drivers around him. "Not bad, not bad. Different tires for tomorrow on top of that, so I'm looking forward to that", is Verstappen's reaction.

After team boss Christian Horner also congratulates him with a good performance: "Good work Max! And with the other tire for tomorrow this is quite reasonable", he is told that he has to watch out for Carlos Sainz who is driving in front of him at that moment.

Sainz is going into the pits, but because Verstappen has qualified in the top three, he has to drive to the straight. Something he almost forgot. "Ow fuck, I almost followed him into the pits, but it's good. I'm still on the track! It's been a while, you know."

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