For Verstappen, is it all about finishing now? "Preferably, it's allabout winning"

01-07-2020 19:08 | Updated: 01-07-2020 19:11
For Verstappen, is it all about finishing now? Preferably, it's allabout winning

Although the Formula 1 drivers have raced a lot online and also made some test kilometres in the last few months, they did actual wheel to wheel battles for the last time more than seven months ago. Will that change their approach for next weekend?

That's the question Martin Brundle asked both Alexander Albon and Max Verstappen in an interview for title sponsor of Red Bull Racing: Aston Martin. Both drivers are pretty clear about that. The fact that they haven't raced for a long time and that it's going to be a shorter season than usual won't affect their driving behaviour on the track.

Shorter championship makes no difference

"I think it'll be very instinctive," Albon begins. "I don't think there's much caution involved. I think the drivers are going full speed as soon as the lights are out and I think everyone is getting into a rhythm fast. A shorter championship will punish you harder for a DNF, but that's not going to change our approach for the race".

"Ideally it's all about winning," says Verstappen when Brundle asks if it's mainly about finishing. "I won't do it any other way. It's not as if you took more risk last year with more races. You know what you can and can't do and that will be no different for me. It's about scoring as many points as possible every race."

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