Marko hints to Chinese GP in 2020: "The only race outside Europe that's fixed"

25-06-2020 19:24 | Updated: 25-06-2020 19:25
Marko hints to Chinese GP in 2020: The only race outside Europe that's fixed

Liberty Media has stated at an earlier stage that it hopes to be able to announce the full Formula 1 calendar of 2020 for the Austrian Grand Prix. It is unclear whether that will succeed and Helmut Marko also does not know exactly what the current state of affairs is. However, the Red Bull Racing advisor does make a very striking statement.

In an interview with Steirischen Wirtschaft Marko seems to say that the Chinese Grand Prix will be there in 2020.

When asked what Formula 1 is currently doing to increase the number of Grands Prix on the calendar, the 77-year old Austrian answers: "I assume that all races in Europe will take place, but there will certainly be changes overseas. The only race outside Europe that is currently fixed is, remarkably enough, China".

Date still unknown

This is remarkable because the coronavirus outbreak started in China. Currently, however, the situation there has also improved considerably. When exactly the Chinese Grand Prix should take place is not clear.

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