Advice for Sainz: "He must be able to control fears at Ferrari"

14-06-2020 18:18 | Updated: 14-06-2020 19:14
Advice for Sainz: He must be able to control fears at Ferrari

Rubens Barrichello says it will be especially important for Carlos Sainz to keep his cool at Ferrari. From 2021 the Spanish driver will drive for the Italian superpower and according to the Brazilian this will bring the necessary pressure.

Barrichello can talk about it because between 2000 and 2005 he drove a few years for Ferrari in the royal class of motorsport. In conversation with, the 48-year-old racing driver says: "He needs to be able to control his fears". By this Barrichello means everything that comes down to a driver when he starts his first year at the Maranello based race stable.

"My suggestion is that he's going to do things to keep his head cool. For me, meditation has always been a key to success. It has suppressed my fears. I would advise him to do the same," Barrichello said in the interview with the German medium.

Mental challenges for Sainz and Vettel

The eleven-time Grand Prix winner finds it strange that his old employer announced at such an early stage that it is saying goodbye to Sebastian Vettel and that it is going to take over Sainz from McLaren. After all, there is still a whole season to be raced. "That's mentally quite difficult. It is difficult to be in a place where you no longer feel that you belong", he concludes.

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