Hamilton on simulator: "I don't like it, but you should take advantage of it"

23-05-2020 10:57
by GPblog.com
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Hamilton on simulator: I don't like it, but you should take advantage of it

The start of the season this year is very late compared to previous seasons. All this of course because of the coronavirus pandemic. Lewis Hamilton says he wants to deviate from his habits.

First race of the year

It is important for the drivers to perform well in the planned opening race at the Red Bull Ring in Austria on 5 July 2020. Hamilton says he is likely to deviate from his habits and enter the simulator.

"I'll probably go to the simulator, which I don't always like. But you have to take advantage of these things to be as prepared as possible for the first race", says Hamilton in a Mercedes video.

Generation duel

Many of the younger drivers have been driving laps on the simulator for weeks and can also be seen in online races that are organised. Hamilton says he is not afraid of the so-called generation duel. "The young boys will always challenge the older drivers to put themselves in the spotlight", says the six-time world champion.

Hamilton does say that his biggest opponent is himself. "You always come up against individual challenges, but the bottom line is I'm up against myself. Because I am my biggest critic", concludes Hamilton.

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