Instagram for Vettel? "No longer normal to not be on social media."

25-04-2020 09:33
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Instagram for Vettel? No longer normal to not be on social media.

Thanks to social media, the current generation of Formula 1 drivers have more interaction with fans than ever before. Drivers like Lewis Hamilton and Lando Norris are perhaps the best examples of this, but Pierre Gasly also claims to be very active on the different platforms and urges the last driver to do the same.

Since Kimi Raikkonen created an Instagram account, Sebastian Vettel has been the last Formula 1 driver not to show himself to the outside world outside the race weekends. According to Gasly, it is high time that the Ferrari driver shows what he is doing in the Swiss Alps.

“In 2019 and 2020 our generation, everybody is on social media,” Gasly told "Except Seb (Vettel) who is the only one and the only exception! We are still pushing him to be on Instagram, because it’s not normal these days not to be on social media"

Negative reactions are part of it

So although Gasly likes to stay on social media, he also sees the negative aspects that direct interaction with fans can have. For example, the AlphaTauri driver has always been well aware of the negative reactions that circulated about him on the internet. That's not nice, but he claims that it only makes him stronger.

"When you are exposed, when you are a top athlete, especially at the top level of a sport – whether it’s Formula 1 or football or basketball – you are always judged for everything you do. People easily forget what you have done in the past and why you are here – you’re always judged for the last performance. I’ve always managed to transform these negative thoughts and negative energy into something positive inside of me."

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