'Ferrari tried to avoid longer lockdown due to its own circumstances'

08-04-2020 09:14
by Editorial Team
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'Ferrari tried to avoid longer lockdown due to its own circumstances'

On Monday the ten Formula 1 teams held a meeting, headed by FIA boss Jean Todt. It was decided to keep the closed garages closed even longer, but not everyone agreed.

F1 comes together

On Monday, several topics were reportedly discussed. For example, Christian Horner indicated that it might be an idea to even postpone the new rules, which have already been postponed to 2022, to 2023. However, this has not been approved by the rest of the teams, so the new rules are expected for 2022.

A second point was the budget cap. It was previously decided that the budget cap introduced for 2021 would remain in place, but the original amount of $175 million will also be reduced. Whereas the small teams are aiming for $100 million and the large teams for $150 million, a middle ground will probably be found. However, that decision has not yet been made.

Ferrari is working against

The third item on the agenda was the closed factories. Currently all teams are in the mandatory break, with all factories locked. It became clear on Monday that this period has been extended by two weeks. However, RACER reports that not everyone was equally happy with this. Ferrari wouldn't want to close any longer, because they already had to close earlier than the competition, due to the situation at home.

Nevertheless, the decision was made and the teams had to keep their doors closed even longer. With the postponed Grand Prix of Canada also the ninth race of the Formula 1 calendar has disappeared, so it remains to be seen when and how F1 will finally start again.

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