Ecclestone has the solution: ''Keep the same rules for the next three years''

30-03-2020 07:34
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Ecclestone has the solution: ''Keep the same rules for the next three years''

Bernie Ecclestone has been on the sidelines of Formula 1 for a while now, after Ecclestone grew from team boss to the big boss of F1 over the years. In that capacity he looks at the current situation.

New championship

Formula 1 has to contend with the coronavirus, as is the case all over the world, but the financial problems have far-reaching consequences for the sport. Events are postponed and sometimes even cancelled, teams don't get any more income and fans cancel their TV subscriptions en masse. What can F1 do about this?

''I would not change the rules in F1 in the next three years and Liberty must ensure that the entire structure of F1 adapts. In my opinion, the best thing to do now is to change the championship and only let the top teams compete in the constructors' championship. The small teams will get a chassis and engine and can compete for 30 million a year'', says Ecclestone.

Ecclestone back in Formula 1?

That's not all, according to the Brit, because the rules have to be changed too. ''I would change the rules in terms of weight of cars and engines, so you can be almost sure that teams with that budget can also compete at the top. The team that performs best with that budget will win the team championship.''

A whole mountain of advice, but Ecclestone himself doesn't want to go back in Formula 1. When the Daily Mail asks him if he'll ever take matters into his own hands again, a clear 'no chance' comes out of Bernie's mouth. So we'll have to do it with Liberty Media and see what they come up with.

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