Marko in coronavirus 'risk group': "Of course I take everything very seriously"

28-03-2020 12:38
by Editorial Team
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Marko in coronavirus 'risk group': Of course I take everything very seriously

Aston Martin Red Bull Racing advisor Helmut Marko belongs to one of the 'risk groups' for the coronavirus because of his age. The virus is relatively lethal for people over 70 years of age, and the Austrian is at the age of 76. He says he takes the situation very seriously.

COVID-19 is more dangerous for older people. For infected people under 50, 0.3% have died as of today, but for people between 70 and 79 the death rate is 8.0%. Now the Formula 1 season has been paused for the time being, Marko does not have to travel and runs less risk of infection, but the Austrian remains alert with his daily actions.

"Of course, at my age, I belong to the risk group too," he tells Austrian publication Kleine Zeitung.

"I stick to the rules and guidelines. Of course I take everything very seriously. I've heard the Chancellor's words very well."

The Austrian added that he "hasn't felt as fit in a long time" as he does now, as he can spend a lot of time on his estate. This will probably stay that way for a few more months before the season kicks off again.

"Staying healthy is important, no doubt about it," he added, "but right now our whole lives are dominated by Corona. Reading newspapers, listening to the radio, watching TV: just Corona. You really get scared.

"[Whether that's] good or bad? Doesn't matter. It's just, I'm not worried for my life anymore.

"We'll have to be very careful how we live the next few months. And we have to take into account all, really all, the circumstances."

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