'Liberty Media could take advantage of the corona crisis and take full control'.

27-03-2020 19:45
by Editorial Team
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'Liberty Media could take advantage of the corona crisis and take full control'.

Bernie Ecclestone says he has little hope that Formula 1 races will still be held in 2020. Despite his gloomy view on the current season, he still sees the possibility for Formula 1 to take advantage of this situation.

The coming season, according to the former boss of Formula 1, will be soon be altered drastically. Certainly the races that are now planned for the summer will not take place, according to him. He bases this on the fact that other events have already been cancelled around that time, such as the Goodwood Festival of Speed, which was to take place a week before the British GP.

"If you can believe our man in America, Donald [Trump], he says it's going to be all right. I'm not so sure about that, but maybe he has information we don't have. Silverstone won't go on, that's for sure. That [Goodwood Festival of Speed] had to be for the same reason. Who's going there now?" said Ecclestone talking to Reuters.

Liberty Media could gain full control

According to Ecclestone, the big obstacle for organizing Grands Prix this year is the promoters. In case all races don't take place anyway, you don't need those promoters this year. According to the 89-year-old Brit, it offers the chance to put those promoters out of action.

"It can give Liberty the opportunity to really take control of everything. To take it all over from the promoters, which will immediately reduce the cost to the teams enormously. They'll only need 70 people instead of 700."

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