Innovation will always "be at the core" of Formula 1, says Toto Wolff

26-02-2020 11:14
by Bobby Vincent
F1 News
Innovation will always be at the core of Formula 1, says Toto Wolff

Earlier in the year, Ross Brawn warned Formula 1 teams that some developments in their cars, could be banned within one race starting from next season, but Mercedes boss Toto Wolff believes that trying to find a loophole is part of the nature of Formula 1.

Brawn, F1's Motorsport Director, threatened teams by saying that the sides who do "exploit loopholes" could be shut down at the next race when the 2021 season begins.

However, Wolff is against this and believes they should not be trying to put F1 teams off trying to find loopholes and pursuing innovations with their machines. Mercedes discovered their Dual Axis Steering system, which has given them a bit of an advantage this year.

"Innovation will always be at the core of Formula 1," Wolff said, as cited by RaceFans"This is what we do and it's part of the DNA. I don't think we should be limiting the potential for innovation. 

"If somebody comes up with a clever idea, they should be allowed to race if it's within the regulations."

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