The Aston Martin F1 team will also buy parts from Mercedes

26-02-2020 07:41
by Matt Gretton
The Aston Martin F1 team will also buy parts from Mercedes

Racing Point caused a lot of noise in the first week of testing. The pink car looked suspiciously like the Mercedes car and the competitors had some problems with it.

Own car from Racing Point

As a Formula 1 team, you can buy a certain number of parts from another team. A list of items such as the frontal impact structure and bodywork must be made yourself, but a gearbox and suspension are not on the list, so that can be purchased. It is a business model that works well for the pink team.

When the team is renamed Aston Martin F1 from 2021, Andrew Green has no intention of changing his approach. "I think we should continue on the same footing because, for a small team like ours, it makes no sense at all to make everything ourselves. Haas really buys everything from Ferrari, that is not for us, but the current situation is great," says Green to

Deal with Mercedes

"If you can buy mechanical parts from Mercedes and you ensure that your aerodynamics are developed around it, then we will come to our strength. We have the rear of the Mercedes with the suspension and gearbox," says Green. The front of the car is self-designed, although the design looks suspiciously like that of Mercedes.

Green continues to emphasize that the team has only purchased a few parts from the Mercedes and that it has designed the car itself. The competition still believes little of it, but the team is innocent until proven otherwise.

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