Lewis Hamilton sees "no rush" in sorting future Mercedes F1 contract

24-02-2020 12:46
by Matt Gretton
Lewis Hamilton sees no rush in sorting future Mercedes F1 contract

Lewis Hamilton says he doesn't feel the need to "rush" contract talks with Mercedes F1. The six-time world champion is getting ready to start his 14th season in Formula 1 and the 35-year-old isn't showing any signs of slowing down just yet. 

The British sportsman will be in pursuit of equalling Micahel Schumacher's seven world champion titles in 2020, while the title is likely to mean Hamilton would top the list of all-time race wins. 

During the first week of pre-season testing in Barcelona, Hamilton said he felt physically fantastic after driving his new Mercedes car for 106 laps. Whilst Hamilton seems keen to make progress in pre-season, the off-track work seems a little more laid back. 

"I continue to feel great within the family. I don't know when we're going to sit down and talk and I don't see a particular rush. I think our goals are aligned so I'm sure we'll sit down," Hamilton said in Barcelona and is quoted by The Daily Mail. 

"We've always been very clear about our plans and update each other about our thinking. Normally, it's the small details that matter. I've been really fortunate in this team, people talk about freedom as if it's a bad thing but it's not at all. Joining Mercedes allowed me to be who I want to be rather than keep me constricted and ask me to be a certain way, or speak a certain way, or dress a certain way which is often the case in other places. I think it's been great." 

Busy outside Formula 1

Hamilton has a number of different roles outside of Formula 1. He has his own fashion brand and now has a vegan restaurant in London. Hamilton goes on to discuss what he thinks about those who question is lifestyle choices. 

"There are all these question marks about the different things that I do but everyone has seen the results in the last few years. It just continues to prove that it's actually encouraging, it makes me be more engaged, it makes me an even better driver than I thought I could be," he added. 

"It's more trying to figure out what my next five to 10-year plan is. How the decisions I make now, impact the future."


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