Marko was “very worried” about losing Max Verstappen to Mercedes

08-01-2020 08:09
by Bevan Youl
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Marko was “very worried” about losing Max Verstappen to Mercedes

Aston Martin Red Bull Racing advisor Dr Helmut Marko has admitted that he was “very worried” about the possibility of losing Max Verstappen to Mercedes from 2021 before agreeing a new deal keeping him until 2023.

It was announced Tuesday that Verstappen had agreed a contract extension to remain with Red Bull for another four seasons until the end of the 2023 season.
But it had been known that Mercedes were interested in the 22-year old and with his previous contract finishing at the end of this year, many predicted he would make a switch to the Silver Arrows.
“I spent the holidays fixing the contract,” Marko told Auto Bild. “I was very worried about losing Max to Mercedes in 2021.”

Verstappen believes that Red Bull can give him a good enough car to win a World Championship but needs a strong power unit underneath.

Honda have developed their engine massively for the energy drinks team over the past 12 months but currently only plan to be in Formula 1 until the end of 2021, something Marko thinks they will extend.

“We currently have that with Honda,” Marko said of a top engine.

“I am also optimistic that they will continue.”

While Marko admitted that Verstappen’s new contract with them wasn’t cheap after suggestions his salary has been at least doubled.

“The new contract was not cheap. But I didn’t feel like playing poker,” he added.

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