Kimi Raikkonen on his son racing: "Only now do I understand my parents concern"

21-11-2019 13:01
by Louis Shaw
F1 News
Kimi Raikkonen on his son racing: Only now do I understand my parents concern

At the age of 40, Kimi Raikkonen is the oldest driver on the grid. The Alfa Romeo driver has become a father and his son has started racing in go-karts. The Finn says that he now understands the worry that his parents had when he was starting racing. 

Having children is a massive commitment and Raikkonen says that it has completely changed his life. 

''It has changed a lot in my life because without those kids I would have had a very different life. Of course, racing takes a lot of time, but that has never been the most important thing in my life. The children are now. Not every day is fun, but that's how life goes. My goal in life has now changed," Raikkonen said to Yahoo Sport.

''The moment you become a father, you will start to worry more about your standard. That is not always nice, but it is part of it. The fact that our son is now going to go-karting does not help that of course. I know all the dangers involved, but you don't see them as a child. Only now do I understand my parents' concerns in the past and it is terrible; I now do it myself.''

Raikkonen is one of the great Formula 1 drivers of his generation and he will look to pass his life lessons onto his son who is just starting his racing career. 

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