Verstappen involved in talks about Honda's future plans in F1

09-10-2019 12:09
by Matt Gretton
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Verstappen involved in talks about Honda's future plans in F1

Max Verstappen has been discussing Honda's Formula 1 future with the big bosses from Aston Martin Red Bull Racing and Honda themselves. Being involved in these meetings suggests the team are confident the Dutchman will remain involved for the long-term.  

The Japanese engine manufacturers are yet to confirm a future in Formula 1 beyond the 2020 season. Ahead of their home race this weekend, they'll be pushing to give Verstappen his first win in Japan despite recording two podiums in the past. 

According to Honda's managing director Masashi Yamamoto, Verstappen has been involved in the talks about Honda's future. 

"He had a meeting with Helmut, Christian, Tanabe-san, himself and Max talking about Honda's development plan for the future. It was actually requested from Christian that he wanted us to explain about Honda’s future plan," Yamamoto told RaceFans

"So, we did it [for] Max and Max's reply was [that] Honda is doing what you have promised before so we trust you and he understood. Max wants to win all the races, 21 races. He can discuss the chassis with Red Bull, but about the engine, he has to discuss with Honda so that was the purpose." 


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