Felipe Massa is happy that Formula 1 is safer after his accident

07-08-2019 11:01
by Matt Gretton
 Felipe Massa is happy that Formula 1 is safer after his accident

It's been 10 years since Felipe Massa had his incident which left him in hospital. The Brazilian looks back at the 2009 Hungarian Grand Prix qualifying session when the suspension of Rubens Barrichello hit Massa's head at 250km/h. 

Massa was left in hospital for several days and even went into a coma for part of that. He eventually managed to recover and return to Formula 1 within six months. 

“I don't remember anything at all. That really helped me to come back within six months because if you suffer a trauma the consequences are much greater. My wife was pregnant at the time. It was much harder for her," Massa tells La Stampa.

In 2018, Formula 1 introduced the halo cockpit design. Nobody is sure whether the halo would have prevented Massa's incident, but the Brazilian is pleased his crash has provided a significant contribution to safety. 

“I am happy that I have been able to contribute to safety. Even if it is only the evolution that helmets have gone through," Massa added. 

“Rubens was very worried, he felt guilty too. Schumacher also visited me at the hospital and often called me. He would have replaced me."

Schumacher's return to Ferrari was cancelled because he injured himself in a motorbike incident. 

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