Steiner: "There is no specific area to which we aim"

22-07-2019 12:28 | Updated: 22-07-2019 12:38
by Joseph Tyrrell
Steiner: There is no specific area to which we aim

Haas boss, Guenther Steiner has insisted the team are searching for improvements in all areas in their attempts to salvage something from their season, which has been a calamity in recent weeks.

Haas are second bottom in the Constructors' Championship only ahead of Williams who are without a single point this season. Haas' pair of Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen have failed to score a single point since the prior scored a solitary point after finishing tenth at the Monaco Grand Prix, whilst Magnussen hasn't scored since Spain.

Much of their issues this season has been down to tyres and downforce and Steiner revealed the team aren't focusing on one specific area. 

"We changed some parts of the car," said Gunther Steiner as quoted by

"There is no specific area to which we aim, we are simply trying to make the whole car better, which is more drivable and which has a greater downforce.

"This always helps to go faster.

"We are also trying to make the tires work better. This is the biggest improvement we can make. We need to get the tires in the right window and this has a lot to do with downforce."

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