Vietnam Grand Prix set to "offer a lot of overtaking"

02-05-2019 14:32
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Vietnam Grand Prix set to offer a lot of overtaking

The track designer of the Vietnam Grand Prix has desinged a track with "plenty of overtaking options" as plans for a Formula 1 race in the country get underway. The track is set to be two thirds of existing street track final section of the lap and the straight, are being built from the ground up.

"There was a close co-operation with the team at Formula 1 and the organisers at Hanoi to design the circuit," Carsten Tilke, the managing director of Tilke who is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company designing the circuit, told F1 Racing.

"They had a lot of input and we had many discussions about how we could create a good circuit, not only from a driving perspective, but to offer a lot of overtaking too.

"Of course, we are fixed to some given streets – which are basically the straights – but through simulation tools we have been able to create the best track possible."

The Vietnamese Grand Prix is set to be an exciting one as the circuit looks to offer plenty. 

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