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Red Bull's upgrade for Spain is fairly subtle

Red Bull's upgrade for Spain is "fairly subtle"

02-05-2019 10:30
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Bobby Vincent

Red Bull have revealed its upgrade for the Spanish Grand Prix is "fairly subtle", after "closing the gap" to Mercedes and Ferrari since the start of 2019.

The Milton Keynes-based team scored a podium on its debut with new engine suppliers, Honda, in Australia - but have failed to reach the top three in the past three races - with Max Verstappen finishing P4 in all three.

Last season, Red Bull introduced a major upgrade package for the Spain Grand Prix, but boss Christian Horner has revealed the upgrade will be a considerable amount smaller this time around.

"It's fairly subtle and it's just evolution," Horner revealed. "It will be the usual front and rear wing upgrades. It's evolution rather than revolution."

Red Bull struggled with the tyre warm-up in the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, but its actual race speed was quicker than both Mercedes and Ferrari. The team have gone on to make solid progress since picking out its problem in the set-up in Bahrain.

"I think we've closed the gap since the beginning of the year," the Red Bull team principal added. "In Melbourne, we had a strong race and Max was pushing Lewis (Hamilton) the majority of the grand prix.

"Bahrain was a tough race for us but it exposed some things that we've managed to improve on since then. China was a stronger race, and (Azerbaijan) even more so - and on a track that doesn't historically play to our strengths." 

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