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Sebastian Vettel admits he is not confident in the car

Sebastian Vettel admits he is "not confident in the car"

01-05-2019 13:12

Sebastian Vettel has admitted that he is not driving at his best and that he needs to improve rapidly if he is to get his season back on track. The German has struggled so far this season but there is still time for him to claw his way back into championship contention. 

"We need stronger pace, simple as that," said Vettel to Autosport. "We need to be faster.

"It seems that for us it's more of a conscious effort to get the car in the right window, whereas maybe for them it seems to click a little bit easier.

"Especially a place like [Baku], you need the confidence in the car.

"I'm not there yet. I can feel that I'm not driving at my best because simply the car does not answer or does not respond the way I like.

"And then I think it's unnatural. I think everybody's been there."

Vettel will hope that he can gain confidence in his car and that he can get Ferrari back to the top. He is currently third in the championship and will hope that he can close down the gap to Mercedes.