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Christian Horner believes Red Bull are closing the gap to Ferrari and Mercedes

Christian Horner believes Red Bull are "closing the gap" to Ferrari and Mercedes

16-04-2019 12:00

Red Bull boss Christian Horner has said that his team has made significant progress in their attempt to compete with Ferrari and Mercedes. Horner has said that he believes their chassis is now competitive but the team need to work on their top speed if they are to take the next step. Max Verstappen is currently third in the driver's championship ahead of both Ferrari drivers. 

"We have made a step forward from Bahrain and we were definitely more competitive this weekend," Horner said to Motorsport.com.

"When you look on the overlays, particular sector one and sector two, we are in good shape. In sector three we still have some work to do, but we have some upgrades and so on coming soon that will help with that. So generally on that side, a positive weekend."

The Red Bull boss thinks that if his team are to become more successful then they need to work with Honda to produce more speed. 

"I think they are making progress with it," Horner said about Honda. "There is stuff in the pipeline that will certainly help but others aren't standing still.

"It is all about evolution. Our goal this year has been all about closing the gap to Mercedes and Ferrari and we are doing that.

"We split the Ferraris and were certainly closer on pace to Mercedes. There will be a concertina effect that will happen between now and the halfway point of the year."

Red Bull will hope that they can continue to develop and that they can launch a genuine attempt to dethrone Mercedes.   

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