Red Bull and other big teams could leave the sport

12-03-2019 09:00
by Louis Shaw
Red Bull and other big teams could leave the sport

Red Bull founder Dietrich Mateschitz has said that it is possible that his team could pull out of Formula 1 in 2021 if the regulations do not suit them. It is likely that this could be a threat to try and make negotiations go their way but of course, the rumours could also be true. All of the big teams have things outside of Formula 1 so it is likely that this is a genuine option.   

Asked by if a Red Bull exit was possible, Christian Horner said: "Absolutely, and that's his right," he said about what Mateschitz said. 

"He's passionate about motorsport, he's passionate about F1, he's enthusiastic about the new engine partnership with Honda and the potential that brings, but of course F1 has to deliver for the Red Bull brand as well.

"It needs to be exciting, it needs to be cost-effective, the racing's got to be great, and we need to be able to play on an equal and level playing field with OEM and manufacturer teams."

Bernie Ecclestone is aware of the fact that the big teams could pull out of Formula 1. 

"Maybe Mercedes will be stuck into Formula E because they think Formula E is more in line with the way the car industry is going to go," he suggested to

"Red Bull don't need to be in it because they get so much publicity from all the other things they do. For them, if they stopped it's not going to damage them at all.

"People think Ferrari would never stop, but the Ferrari brand is so strong it would be difficult to damage Ferrari. They could easily do something else in motorsport."

Fans will hope that the big teams remain in Formula 1 and it is likely that they will but they are trying to influence the results of the regulation changes.   

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