Ross Brawn: Ferrari "recognise" Formula 1 prize money distribution is a problem

09-03-2019 10:48
by Matt Gretton
Ross Brawn: Ferrari recognise Formula 1 prize money distribution is a problem

Ross Brawn says Ferrari understands that the distribution of prize money is "unfair". Last week, we gave the details of the split between teams and Ferrari managed to pick up a bonus of $70million because they've been involved the longest.

Ferrari didn't win the championship, but that boost lifted them to the top of the money charts. Brawn, the F1 director of motorsport, sees the problem and wants to implement a different system.

"There is too much disparity between the top two or three teams and the rest of the grid," he said, speaking in London this week to

"You have a group of teams that could finish last and still earn more than the team that has won the world championship.

"We have to recognise the importance and history of Ferrari and the unique place they have in the sport, but we also have to find a balance between that recognition and an equitable position for the rest. We know that if we have a more equitable distribution of revenue, we will have a better F1."

"You are never going to attract new teams when you have such unfair distribution. Ferrari recognises that."

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