Jos Verstappen: 'Max is really the best'

05-03-2019 15:07
by Louis Shaw
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Jos Verstappen: 'Max is really the best'

Jos Verstappen has praised the talent of his son Max and believes that he is 'the best' at overtaking. 

When asked if Red Bull had a more positive vibe after linking up with Honda, Jos said to"Yes, I have that feeling. Everyone is ready and is looking forward to that, you will notice. The people of Honda are also very calm and organized. Moreover, it is only the start, so I think it can only get better."

The conversation turned to the way Formula 1 teams test their cars and Jos said, "It was abolished at a certain point and the teams, therefore, started looking for other things to be able to test. Instead of driving on the track, they now do that in the simulator. They also take care of the car. That is incredible but true. Instead of testing, it has now become simulator work. It remains somewhat the same."

"Max came out of the car last Wednesday and sat the next day in the simulator to compare things. That is the future."

Jos spoke about his son's talents and if he now has the right balance between experience and youth. 

"He is still very young, even younger than when I started. And then he already has a hundred races on it. I would say that it is an experienced, young talent. "

"He was indeed very strong, but he must always take the risk to get that result. If you are going to take risks, anything can happen. Then it is also easier if you start in the first row because you do not have to take that much risk. That is actually the trick. But he did a really good job. And catching up, Max is really the best."

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