Red Bull fall just short of record after quick pit stop Verstappen

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Verstappen and Red Bull fastest pit stop GP Spain
25 June at 18:00
  • Nicole Mulder

Red Bull Racing took a prize of honour in addition to victory at the Spanish Grand Prix. The fastest pit stop was for Max Verstappen, who got away in just 1.92 seconds on his first stop.

Fastest pit stop for Verstappen and Red Bull

With the lightning-quick pit stop, Red Bull fall just short of their own fastest stop of the season, which was made in 1.90 seconds. The Austrian Formula 1 team's pit crew are also 0.012 seconds short of the overall record for the fastest stop of all time.

McLaren did a 1.80-second pit stop at the 2023 Qatar Grand Prix, breaking the record for the fastest pit stop ever - long held by Red Bull. For now, Red Bull have not managed to take back the record, but the F1 team of Verstappen and Sergio Perez do lead the 2024 pit stop rankings. Red Bull have won the pit stop championship every year since 2018.