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Bearman growing in popularity among F1 fans

Bad luck for Bearman? 'It's something you have to get used to'

25 June at 13:30
  • Sophia Crothall

Since making his Formula One race debut in Saudi Arabia, Oliver Bearman has become increasingly popular among F1 fans. In Spain, the F2 driver revealed how he is dealing with this new-found fame and attention. 

In Saudi Arabia, Bearman raced for Ferrari in Carlos Sainz's place, after he needed his appendix to be removed. The Brit certainly impressed, after finishing ahead of Lando Norris and Lewis Hamilton. He also six scored points on his debut. In Spain, Bearman featured again, this time in an FP1 session for Haas, whom he is the reserve driver for alongside Ferrari.

Bearman has been rumoured to be joining Haas for 2025, with the Daily Mail reporting the Brit has already signed a deal with the team. Although he implied himself that it was "all rumours and speculation." Nevertheless, it seems the F2 driver is already prepared for the increase in fame that comes with the top motorclass: "I think it's [the fame] grown exponentially since Jeddah of course," he said. "That was quite a big step in terms of people knowing me. I remember when I arrived in Australia, there was a lot of people who suddenly recognised me, which is a great feeling, honestly. I'm not in F1 but I'm in terms of like maybe popularity and fans and stuff I'm almost there so that's it's really nice to have the support from everyone."

How is Bearman handling the growth?

In the F2 standings, Bearman sits 17th, out of 22, with 18 points. However, in F1, he sits 13th, with 6 points, ahead of eight other drivers. Although he is handling the exponetial growth well, it seems there is one perk he already misses during an F2 weekend. "During the race weekend it's quite okay, the only thing is that being in F2 you don't get the benefits of being an F1 driver. We have to park outside the track and then walk in so I need to leave a bit of time for this for me," he joked. "It’s part of it. It's something you have to get used to and enjoy as well."