Spanish media speak of 'disgrace' after Verstappen win: 'Gift from McLaren'

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Spanish media denounce McLaren strategy after Verstappen win
24 June at 13:00
  • Nicole Mulder

Spanish media are unapologetic about McLaren's strategy at the Spanish Grand Prix. Consequently, the opinion is that the Woking-based team gifted victory to Max Verstappen, who won the race "despite not having the fastest car".

'Verstappen and McLaren strategist deflate World Championship hopes'

"McLaren put Lando Norris on a strategy nobody understood, giving race leader Verstappen a lead that later proved irreparable. The illusion of a world championship faded. Fernando Alonso hit the nail on the head when he said at the start of the Formula One season already that Verstappen is 'for sure' going to win the championship," Marca writes.

"The McLaren strategist made a dent by letting Norris continue for eight laps after Verstappen's first pit stop, giving the Dutchman a significant advantage to win the race. The car is a rocket, but McLaren - like in Canada - lacks the right reflexes because it has not fought for victories for many years. A shame."

'Norris lost despite faster car than Red Bull'

AS notes the end of Red Bull Racing's dominance but also saw McLaren throw away a potential victory. "The man on pole had the best car on Sunday," the Spanish medium believes. "However, it will be difficult for him to fight for the title if he ends up just behind with a faster car than the Red Bull."

Mundo Deportivo has especially high praise for Verstappen, making an interesting comparison. "Bruce Springsteen was on the guest list for the Spain GP, but in the end he didn't show up. But it didn't matter, because 'The Boss' was there anyway: Max Verstappen, the king of today's grid, proved once again that no matter how much they try to slow him down and no matter how much his rivals approach or match the performance of his Red Bull, he is still the best," writes the medium.

"Max always makes the difference with his hands, his strength, intelligence, speed and coolness. He does not fail. Week after week, without mistakes, with perfect cooperation between him, his car and his team, the Dutchman is always there. And he proved again that he is the big boss of the grid with another victory, his 61st F1 win at the age of 26, which helped him increase his lead in the world championship to 69 points."