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Norris proclaims McLaren had the best car in Spanish Grand Prix

Norris proudly shows off in front of Verstappen: 'Easily had the best car'

23 June at 16:52

Lando Norris is kicking himself for not making the perfect start to the Spanish Grand Prix, but he did proudly proclaim McLaren had the best car during the race in front of Max Verstappen during the press conference.

Norris got off the line poorly, which meant Verstappen could attack going into turn one. In the end, they both lost out to George Russell who flew around the outside, and the McLaren driver dropped to P3. Norris believes this was the deciding factor in who won the Grand Prix.

"Not good enough, simply because we should have won today. To answer Max's question, I think we had the quickest car, but I just lost it at the start. We quite easily had the best car out there today, I just didn't do a good enough job off the line, and then that one thing cost me everything. From turn two onwards, 10 out of 10, I don't think I could have done much more. As a team, we did the perfect strategy. That one part at the start wasn't good enough," Norris said.

"We had the best car, I had the best car out there, and I didn't maximise it. The start is down to me and doing what I get told and executing that. And without that, or with a good start, we easily should have won," Norris said clearly.

Why Norris partly blamed Russell

Norris went on to explain what went wrong at the start and even partly blamed his fellow countryman George Russell. "My initial launch was better than Max. The second phase, the drive out, it was not as good. Let's say if George wasn't there, I think I still could have kept on it at turn one. But George had a run on both of us. I almost think George would have led no matter what, even if my start was two metres better. I need to sit down with my engineers and talk," Norris added.

Norris ended up finishing the race in second after taking an aggressive strategy. The Brit tried to hunt down Verstappen but didn't have enough pace.