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helmetut marko reaction after Spanish Grand Prix

Verstappen applauded by Marko: 'That was sublime, really unbelievable'

23 June at 16:35
  • Corwin Kunst

Max Verstappen crossed the finish line ahead of teammate Sergio Pérez by 59 seconds. A huge difference, especially in Formula 1. Once again, the 26-year-old Dutchman proved to be of exceptional class, Helmut Marko stated afterwards.

Verstappen secured his seventh win of 2024 and his 61st in total in the top class of motorsport. The Dutchman had to fight hard for it, which earned him compliments from team advisor Helmut Marko.

Marko gives out praise

"I would rate Max's performance as sublime, really incredible. He drove 66 laps at the absolute limit," Marko is quoted as saying. "The decisive factor was the start and the overtaking action on Russell. We knew we needed that action, and he did a great job."

Where Verstappen finished first, Pérez had to settle for a disappointing eighth place. The Dutchman has collected almost twice as many points as his teammate from Mexico: 219 to 111.