Verstappen sees painful reality: 'Red Bull dominance now completely gone'

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Verstappen sees Red Bull dominance disappear
22 June at 16:51
  • Nicole Mulder

Not Max Verstappen, but Lando Norris will start the Spanish Grand Prix from pole position. Verstappen, who does start from the front row on Sunday, is clear in his assessment: "Our dominant car from last year is now completely gone."

Verstappen sees Red Bull dominance disappearing

After qualifying, Verstappen is confronted with his team's current performance against the competition, which has become very close. "Up until qualifying, the car was not stable enough. I think we did fix it," the Dutchman said.

"Also with the conditions becoming colder and colder, you probably just run out of corners to make a difference because some corners become flat out," he added. Red Bull opted for a bigger rear wing, which may not have been the best option for qualifying, but probably will be for the race.

"In terms of wake up call, I think we are pretty much very awake already with what's happening. We need to push on, we need to bring parts faster and better. We've had a very dominant car last year. It's completely gone naturally and we just need to really try and make a step ahead again," he said.