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Team bosses react to Flavio Briatore's return to Formula 1

Team bosses react to Briatore's return: 'Everyone deserves a second chance'

22 June at 11:24
  • Tygo Bekkema

The appointment of Flavio Briatore as Alpine advisor raised some eyebrows in the Formula 1 paddock. The Italian entrepreneur and former team boss has a troubled past and was even suspended from Formula 1 for a while after the handling of the crashgate scandal. At the team bosses' press conference in Barcelona, a number of team chiefs addressed Briatore's controversial return.

Bruno Famin, team boss of Alpine, previously revealed that he is happy with Briatore's return, the Frenchman arguing that Braitore deserves a second chance. This view is endorsed by Toto Wolff and others. "I think we need to give the chance to recover from the situation. I have known Flavio as an extremely smart businessman. He has a lot of know-how in Formula One. Every input that I got over the last 10-plus years that I have been in much more contact with him and I have a friendly relationship with him was in a way helpful. There is a lot of experience and expertise that, as Bruno said, for years of Formula One. I think everybody deserves the opportunity to come back," Wolff said.

Team bosses agree on Briatore's arrival

Frederic Vasseur and Alessandro Alunni Bravi, team bosses of Ferrari and Kick Sauber respectively, more or less concur with Wolff's views. "First, I don't want to make any comment on what's happened on the other team. I have enough to do with me. But overall, I think it's probably, as Bruno said, a step forward for Alpine. It's good for the F1 at the end if Alpine is coming back into the fight," Vasseur said.

Finally, Bravi is also positive about Briatore's return. "I'm not in the position to judge Flavio. I can just look at the track records he had in Formula One and also the inputs on the commercial side that he has given to Formula One over the years. Bringing sponsors, bringing new venues that have been important for the development of Formula One. I think that if he is able to join the team, it means that the ban has expired. So I think that, as Fred said, we need to look at the future and give people a chance to make a contribution. We need clever people in Formula One and I think that Flavio, we can say that he's a clever one."