Vasseur's conclusion on the Canadian GP: 'We did everything wrong'

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frederic vasseur with his views on canada gp and spanish gp
22 June at 11:13
  • Wouter Bos

From victory in Monaco to a double DNF in Canada. It was a difficult weekend last time out for Ferrari. How does team boss Frederic Vasseur look back on the weekend in Canada and what did he learn from it heading into the Spanish Grand Prix

According to Vasseur, things went wrong from moment one: "Just that in Canada we did everything wrong from the beginning. In the end with a setup issue and a reliability issue, contact on track, I think we put everything wrong all the weekend. Now I hope we won't see that this weekend. We have a good feeling about the car and we hope we can avoid doing it again," said Ferrari's team boss

'Impossible to predict', says Vasseur 

Drawing conclusions about a race weekend after the second free practice is difficult, even if you are Ferrari's team boss: "It's quite impossible today to have a good prediction of the results because we are a group of eight cars, it's quite impossible to predict because it's a matter of one-tenth or one-tenth and a half," said the 56-year-old team boss. He continued: "You cannot do a pole position at the weekend if you have a gust of wind at the end of the straight and you can be p3 it's the reality of F1 today, the reality of the quality and we have to take every single result with a pinch of salt."

In any case, Vasseur feels much better heading into the Spanish Grand Prix. "I think the first feeling is good, we had to test the package of parts that we brought this weekend it went well uh now everything is going well but it's more Saturday evening and Sunday evening that we draw conclusions."