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British media reacts to Hamilton sabotage He should quit

British media suggest Hamilton should leave Mercedes now

22 June at 08:36

It was a busy last couple of days for Mercedes after an email suggested they were sabotaging Lewis Hamilton this season after he announced that he would leave for Ferrari in 2025. Toto Wolff and Mercedes say this is not from an employee, with the police contacted to investigate. But now, the Daily Mail, who received the 'sabotage email', reacted by saying that the seven-time world champion should just sit out the rest of the year.

"The only way out of it is for Hamilton to take the rest of the season off. Otherwise, the resentment will fester," it says on the Daily Mail's website about the situation. Earlier, the British newspaper received an email with the claim Mercedes are sabotaging Lewis Hamilton, mainly cause he is leaving them behind.

From 2025 onwards, Lewis Hamilton will join Ferrari, after winning 13 drivers' and constructors' titles combined with Mercedes. That upset team principal Toto Wolff, while Russell will lead the team. This seems like a conspiracy theory version of a practice summed up by former Formula One driver Johnny Herbert: "That is normal for Lewis not to be in the know about everything. As far as doctoring his car so his performances are impacted, that is rubbish," he wrote on Lord Ping.

As GPblog earlier reported, Hamilton, in his response, did not blame the team of sabotaging. The Daily Mail decided to read between the lines, and claimed the situation could be worse because Hamilton did not just answer no to a question. At the same time, the newspaper did not call out George Russell. Russell just got a short praise.