newey demands huge salary from aston martin, which rejects it

'Newey demands monster salary, contract with this team will be tricky'

20 June at 11:58
  • Ludo van Denderen

Ever since Adrian Newey announced he was leaving Red Bull Racing in '25, F1 teams have been lining up for him. Ferrari, Mercedes, McLaren, Williams and Aston Martin; all wish to attract the designer to their team. Ferrari seemed to be the main candidate to contract the Briton, but suddenly there was the news: Aston Martin has already shown Newey around its new factory.

But a move by Newey to the ambitious team is proving difficult to achieve for the time being, The Telegraph reports. Even for the wealthy team owner Lawrence Stroll, Newey's salary demands would be too steep at the moment. The 65-year-old master designer is said to have asked for £25 million per season (almost €30 million). With that, Newey would already have dropped considerably compared to an earlier demand. Back then, Newey would have asked for £50 million.

'Aston Martin continues to hope for Newey'

However, Stroll has not given up hope on Newey, the newspaper writes. The Canadian hopes the designer has become so impressed with the team's facilities that it is not money but his own ambition for Newey that will be the deciding factor.

Moreover, Newey could also work for the sports car division at Aston Martin, although that option is also there at Ferrari. Whether Newey will tie the knot about his future any time soon remains to be seen. James Vowles, Williams' team boss and also interested, recently let it be known that Newey would quietly take his time on the next step in his career.