Here's the reason Stefano Domenicali wanted non hybrid engines for 2026

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Domenicali on Formula 1 hybrid engines and new regulations
20 June at 10:00
  • Estéban den Toom

Stefano Domenicali, CEO of Formula 1, thinks that the sport can get rid of it's hybrid engines if it starts running with climate-neutral fuel. Hybrid engines have been in Formula 1 since 2014 and will continue to be used after 2026. If it were Domenicali's choice, this would not be the case at all.

As is well known, Formula 1's regulations will be shaken up in 2026. Recently, the FIA unveiled the new regulations. A fair amount of criticism came from team bosses. Therefore, a meeting has already taken place with team delegates to improve the future of the sport.

Domenicali on the regulations in '26

"My personal opinion is that it would be enough to run on climate-neutral fuel. But we had to take into account the wishes of the manufacturers. Developments have gone so fast that a decision today might be different from what it was two years ago. I am not an engineer, but I have to have a vision of what the sport will look like in the future. And I can imagine that with the next regulations, we can focus on sustainable fuel," Domenicali said in an interview with Auto Motor und Sport.

"If we can show that we can produce zero emissions with it, we can regulate other important sustainability issues. Cars and engines would then become lighter and less complex again. And the engines would have good sound again. That is important for the fans. But for now, we have to focus on the next step, not the one after that." Concludes the Formula 1 CEO and former Ferrari team principal.